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Our Goal

Because natural wine and organic spirits does not necessarily guarantee the taste quality of a wine and spirits, but is already a very good sign, we have decided to create the Gaia Challenge which gives medals exclusively to natural wines and organic spirits (see rules).

This is the only competition based exclusively on natural wines and organic spirits.

Our goal is to promote the work and environmental values of producers to consumers and professionals.

Winning wines and spirits receive medals ranging from “Gold, Silver, Bronze”.

With more than 20 years of experience in the wine and spirits industry and especially in import/export in the USA, we are committed to:

  • Put our expertise at your disposal

  • Valuing natural wine and organic spirits and its values

  • Duly select our jury composed mainly of international professionals but also amateurs in order to have a more global vision

  • Provide a qualitative tasting place with all the necessary equipment for a tasting according to the rules

  • Offer a professional qualitative blind tasting while respecting the products entrusted to us

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